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Persona 4 the animation

Persona 4 The Animation Episodes

Persona 4 The Animation

Series Information

Persona 4 The Animation
TV Series, 25 episodes
Oct 7, 2011 to ?
AdventureDemonsFantasyHorror,School LifeSupernaturalTragedy


When Narukami Yuu's family moves to the rural country town of Inaba, he's expecting a lot more peace and quiet than he's been used to in the big city. Instead, the peace has been shattered and the only quiet is the quiet of the grave, as a rash of mysterious murders and kidnappings sweep the countryside. With the police stymied, Yuu finds himself joining with a group of eight other teenagers in a desperate bid to solve the mystery. A mystery that is somehow connected to both the local weather patterns and a strange video game world which Yuu, his friends and the enigmatic killer can all enter. And where each must wield a unique weapon and learn to use amazing powers if they wish to survive.
(Summaries provided by ANN and AniDB)
723 likes / 121 dislikes
Total Ratings: 860
10Real Me Doesn't Exist209
9No One Sees the Real Me253
8We've Lost Something Important Again255
7Suspicious Tropical Paradise289
6I'll beat you, and beat you good308
5Would You Love Me?340
4Somewhere Not Here366
3We Are Friends, Aren't We?426
2The Contractor's Key515
1You're Myself, I'm Yourself848

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