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Don’t blame me, blame the show. =P
Episode 7 - Suspicious Tropical Paradise
I had promised Pointman that I would review the anime as soon as I can, so instead of reviewing Mirai Nikki, I have chosen to review this episode instead. =)
So here episode 7′s review for you guys who are still waiting and willing to read it. =)
(Hopefully I would be able to get to Mirai Nikki’s review some time this week)
So this episode takes on a more light-hearted approach when dealing with the Persona of the week. Although the last couple of episode were pretty fluffy as well, this episode had made some progression with the gang growing bigger and a new Persona coming into the mix. I am still unsure about how the mystery is developing with this constant growth of the group and minimal development on the murders. It does make me question what the show’s main focus is meant to be.
This episode definitely had it “shits and giggles” moments with the perverted masochistic theme of Kanji’s persona. I know that he is meant to be a wuss on the inside but I am not sure how that translates into perversion for his persona. =P
There were a couple of things that I had liked about the episode and a few things that I disliked about the episode.
The things that I disliked about the episode were more towards the execution of the material than the actual content itself. Although I haven’t played the game and have no clue if the pacing was the same in the game as it was in the episode, the comedy timings were quite bad at the start of the episode. Things did start to pick up later on, but the characters were simply too comedic for no reason and it had felt somewhat random in nature. Jokes were throw left right and center without much development and the full “effect” of them had become diluted by the suddenness of the joke thrust upon us.
The upside?
Well, by the end of the episode I was definitely laughing along with the show as I had gotten used to the oddity of the situation and have accepted the quick nature of the comedy.
Being 7 episodes in, it is quite odd that new characters are still joining the gang. I am hoping that this would mark the end of the introduction of new members. Although this episode’s character introduction was rather peculiar, the structure was pretty much the same after the characters had entered the TV World. When you know what to expect, things can get a bit boring to watch.
What I did like in the episode as well was the way the real world was integrated with the TV world. I liked the little detective club investigation done in the real world and how that led to the resolution in the TV world. Although the information gathered was pretty much close to none (apart from the boy randomly telling a stranger like Yu about the past between him, Kanji and the soft toy). At the very least, I am happy that we got to see some application of the knowledge/discoveries.
Personally, it is still a tad annoying the Yu is the most boring character in the group. Thankfully he is starting to gain a personality… but I can’t wait for the day where he becomes a proper human being with emotions. =P Kanji’s character on the other hand was quite expected (minus the perversion). I kinda felt that he was a big misunderstood teddy bear ever since the first time we were shown the soft toy in the last episode. His animal soft-toy loving character kinda reminds me of Gwendal from Kyou Kara Maou. =P (Love that show)
My biggest problem with the show is probably the linear manner of the story. Everything was pretty much expected except for the jokes (which aren’t actually brilliant) and there isn’t any real surprise/twist that would leave me anticipating for more at this stage. =(
Overall, it was a pretty disturbing but entertaining episode. =D As weird as this sounds, I find myself pretty open and able to appreciate perverts in shows. =P I did like the consistency with the jokes, and the group dynamics really shone through the responses each of the characters had to the perverted Persona. I honestly felt that this episode had done a good job in actually showing us what all the characters are like through the simple use of the character reactions

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